I tried to pass for nothing

My dreams gave me away


this is one of the best thing I have seen in my life.

How are you feeling these days? View high resolution


this is one of the best thing I have seen in my life.

How are you feeling these days?

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My voice meme! If you listen, please consider helping me out by letting me know how you would describe my voice/ what images would you use to describe it.


Voice meme thingy


I am doing one because of reasons!

(These mostly being that I need feedback on images to describe my voice for grad school app stuff)

Anyway, since I am doing this, does anyone have anything they want to hear me talk about?


Voice meme thingy

I am doing one because of reasons!

(These mostly being that I need feedback on images to describe my voice for grad school app stuff)

Anyway, since I am doing this, does anyone have anything they want to hear me talk about?


So, I’ve been writing this Sorting feels meta and thinking about something that the Asimov to my Vonnegut, Ann Louise (thegiraffery), said the other night about Sorting type stuff, which boiled down to… how do we even define the qualities that we apparently Sort people by and who gets to make the decision about what does and doesn’t count as bravery or wit or loyalty or what have you?

In her words: “my big problem lately with all of these sorting and dividing tropes is that these traits aren’t so easy to define. / Why is always considered more brave to speak out than stay silent? Why is it always seen as more intelligent to know facts than to be good with people? Why is kindness always equated with conflict aversion? Why can’t honest people have difficulty knowing what is true? / There are a lot of days in my life when I can’t speak up, but it’s to protect myself. So does that make me a coward because I let petty things go in order to survive? Why does being better at painting than math make my sister less intelligent than me? / And NO ONE is always one thing / I’m talking about how we define the trait itself / And it’s mostly bravery and kindness that are bothering me” (bolding mine.)

(like when you transcribe a poem in a paper, the slashes indicate line breaks but this was a conversation on AIM so they’re from separate messages.)

And the answer I have to this is that I don’t have an answer to it, at the moment, but I’m looking at the weighted results of a few different Sorting Hat quizzes that I’ve just taken right now out of idle curiosity and I’m really interested in tugging this thread and seeing what unravels at the end of it…

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Oh my goodness, but I love so much of this and what you’ve said and *kisses your forehead* A-double-plus-yum!

I think reading this, though, has helped me clarify a bit what I was attempting to say in the first place, so let’s see if I can get there.

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I crave intimacy but I get confused and uncomfortable when I’m shown even the slightest bit of attention or affection.

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in an attempt to spread the love for cabin pressure and thank you lovely followers I’m having a giveaway!

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Signal boost :D Also those pilot patches are perfection. 

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Reasons why I need the A in LGBTIAQ to stand for Asexual



Because my mother told me that all I needed to do was get drunk and lie back and let me husband have his fun. Because if I was drunk, I’d be more relaxed and it’d be over sooner

Because my sister told me that I was trapping my husband in an abusive marriage,…

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Mother, put a wreath of victory upon my head. Rejoice with me.
I am marrying a king! Lead me to him. If I falter, take me to him by force.
Apollo is a prophet. Agamemnon, noble king of the Greeks, will find me a more deadly bride
Than Helen ever was. I shall kill him. I shall bring his house to ruin.
I will avenge the deaths of my father and my brothers. But… no more now.
I will not tell of the axe that will fall upon my neck and on another’s, too,
Nor the killing of a mother, long after my marriage,
Nor of the fall of the House of Atreus.
I am possessed, but for once I shall escape that possession and will prove that Troy is more
Fortunate than all the Greeks.
The hunters of Helen, for the sake of that one woman,
That one passion, have perished in the thousands.…
From the moment they landed on these shores, they began to die.
They were not defending their borders or their towering cities.
Those whom the God of War struck down never saw their children again.
Their bodies were not wrapped for death by the loving hands of their wives.
They lie forever in alien soil. In Greece the misery was the same.
Widows died alone, old men walked childless through empty homes.
The sons they reared now served other men.
No one was left to pour libations of blood upon their graves.
This is the glory of the Greek invasion. But it is better to pass over their crimes in silence.
May my inner muse never sing an evil tale!
But the Trojans died for their country! What more glorious fame than that?
Those cut down by the sword had friends to carry their bodies home.
They were buried in the bosom of their native earth,
Wrapped for death by hands that loved them.…
Listen to me now. Hector died. It hurt so deeply. But he lives in fame.
He is a hero for all time. Without the Greek invasion, this would not be.
Without their coming here, his virtues would have died in silence.…
In the end it comes to this: a wise man will never go to war.
But if war must come, then glory comes to the good, even if they die.
The bad will live in infamy. Therefore, my mother, do not weep for our country.
Do not weep for my virginity lost. I will couple and I will kill the enemies of our house.
Cassandra; The Trojan Woman (Troiades; lns. 351-398); Euripides, trans. Nicholas Rudall. (via bisclavretlupinmccall)

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Do you ever just cry because there’s so much wrong in the world and you’re too useless to do anything about it?

♪ Get dressed, you merry gentlemen! Let nothing you dismay! For it is Christmas Christmas Christmas Christmas Christmas Day! ♪
— Arthur Shappey - Molokai

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"Maybe if you go to bed you’ll feel better in the morning" is literally just the human version of "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

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